Pro LED Culture Lamp CXB3590 150W Bargain

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After many years of testing in LED, the researchers behind this very efficient grow lamp, using the latest technology, have created the most efficient grow lamp for plants on the market!

This grow lamp consists of 6 CXB 3590 LED diodes of the latest generation and they are made in the USA.

Each diode consumes only 25W of electricity instead of 100W, it is perfect for your plants as it does not emit as much heat than any other lamp on the market.

Since heat often causes problems with pests, you avoid that problem with this grow lamp. With this technology, you as a grower get as much PAR light as possible per watt of power consumed.

A rail of 150W contains 6 diodes and covers an area of 120x60cm – 150x75cm.

This 150W bulb effortlessly replaces other LED bulbs with a strength of up to 400W LED. It is the most effective grow lamp on the market for your seedlings right now!

Length: 1m
Width: 12.5 cm
Height: 13 cm

1 Year Warranty on the lamp.


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