Gold Label Hydrocorn XL 45L


Gold Label Hydrocorn XL 45L is a high quality, reusable and reliable hydroponic growing medium that can support healthy and powerful plant growth.

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Gold Label Hydrocorn XL 45L is a high quality hydroponic growing medium widely used by growers around the world. Made from 100% pure clay, this medium is highly porous and offers excellent drainage, oxygenation and root development for plants.

The XL size of the hydrocorn offers a larger surface area for roots to grow, which promotes better nutrient uptake and leads to healthier and more powerful plants. It is an ideal medium for a variety of hydroponic systems, including drip systems, flood systems, and ebb and river systems.

One of the unique features of Gold Label Hydrocorn XL is that it is reusable. After a growing cycle is complete, the medium can be sterilized and used again for the next crop, making it an economical and sustainable option for growers.

Gold Label Hydrocorn XL is pH neutral, ensuring that it does not affect the pH balance of your nutrient solution. It is also free of pathogens, pests and other contaminants, making it a safe and reliable option for hydroponic cultivation.

Overall, Gold Label Hydrocorn XL 45L is an excellent choice for growers looking for a high-quality, reusable, and reliable hydroponic growing medium that can support healthy and vigorous plant growth.

* Sold per liter or in 45L bag.
* Hydrocorn XL from Gold Label are leca balls that are extra large, 16-25mm in size.
* These are uneven, which benefits your plants more than round leca balls as it becomes more stable for your plants.
* The Leca balls are made of a mix of the best purest clay for a high quality.
* Gold Label Hydrocorn XL proudly carries RHP quality certificate.


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