AutoPot XL 12x25L System with 225L tank

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With the AutoPot XL 12x25L System with 225L tank you can save money on both electricity and water costs.

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AutoPot XL 12x25L System with 225L tank is a reliable and cost-effective automatic irrigation system. It works completely without electricity or other programming, which saves you both water and electricity costs. This XL system has larger pots than the regular systems, a full 25L.

AutoPot systems are popular among growers all over the world and they do not need electricity, pumps, timers or the like for it to work optimally.

Irrigation is done via a float valve that adds water to the ”bottom” module/barrel using the pressure from the water tank. The plant in the module/barrel can thus drink as much water and nutrients as it wants from below.

AutoPot XL 12x25L System with 225L tank The kit includes the following parts:

1 x 225 liter FlexiTank
1 x 16mm click-fit tank adapter and filter
8m x 16mm hose
2 x 16mm In-Line tap
1 x 16mm T-connector
4 x 16mm-6mm T-connector
4 x 16mm-6mm X connector
12 x 1Pot(for one pot) XL barrel and lid
12 x 25 liter pot
12 x AQUAvalve
12 x XL Root control disk
12m x 6mm hose

See in the video below how you can install your AutoPot XL System:

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