X-Stream Propagator 40 seedlings

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Cloning greenhouse for 40 plants.
Made by Nutriculture and is perfect for rooting your cuttings / clones in the best and fastest way.

The cuttings are placed in mesh pots, and then in the system flat tray, the «tray with holes»

The cuttings should have 1-2 cm stem in the net pot so there is room for the roots to form.
The bottom of the pots and the stems of the cuttings are then continuously sprayed with the nutrient solution as they are in the system.
It is important to initially have the lid on and the valves closed so the cuttings can form roots.

After about a week, you should be able to see the new roots that the cuttings have formed and you can then gradually open the valves and finally remove the cover.

The cuttings can then be replanted in soil as well as hydro and cocos.

System size:
Height: 77cm
Width: 41cm
Height: 30cm without lid, with lid 50cm
Tank: 20L

More info and a video about how the system works:


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