Wilma Small Wide 8x11L, 120x60x20cm

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Wilma Small Wide 8x11L Hydroponic System 120x60x20cm is suitable for growing up to 8 plants in 1.5×1.5 m tents. It is famous for its flexibility and is compatible with all types of growing media (clay, coconut, stone wool, expanded clay). The nutrient solution from the tank is fed to the top of the pots periodically.

The dressing then flows through the substrate and the plant uses roots to absorb the nutrients it needs. At the same time, the substrate is oxidized. The part of the dressing that the plant does not consume can be reused at the next fertilization due to the recirculation pump and the 85 liter tank.

The timer provides total control over the time and frequency of the automatic irrigation
The most flexible system – growing in hydra, coconut or clay
The low profile also allows the cultivation of tall plants in lower spaces
Always large enough tank, efficient timer, reliable pump
minimal energy consumption, creative cultivation, excellent results
automatic watering even if you can not be in the plant;
ensuring the quality of nutrient cultivation;
Complete irrigation kit Wilma Small 8x11L, 120x60x20cm contains 8x square pot 11L, rectangular tank 120x60cm, bowl for eight 11L pots, irrigation set Wilma small wide, pump MJ1000.

Comes complete with pump.


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