Wilma irrigation system XL 4 x 25L pots

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Wilma systems combine hydro cultivation with traditional cultivation in pots.
Thanks to this, it is a very good step on the way for anyone who wants to try hydro cultivation without completely changing the cultivation technique.

Wilma systems are recirculating hydro systems.
This means that the nutrient solution is pumped from the water tank via hose down into the pots. The nutrient solution that is not absorbed then flows out of the pots down onto the «pot tray» and further down back into the water tank, ready for reuse.

You can use all mediums in the Wilma systems, however, we recommend that you use leca balls as this allows your plants to get more oxygen to the roots.

In this system you can put 4pcs, 25L pots. Your plants will then have enough space to develop optimally.

An irrigation timer is a recommended addition for this package.

90 cm x 90 cm
Tank: 70L

Comes complete with pump.


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