Vents duct fan TT125 (280m³/h- 125mm) With built-in fan controls

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This TT125U fan has a built-in fan control with built-in temperature sensor.
You can set the temperature of the fan you want in the space the sensor is in. Next, the fan speed will be regulated to keep the same temperature at all times.

You can also set the minimum speed you want the fan to run at so that it constantly replaces the air in the grow room regardless of the temperature. This prevents mold and other problems.

So the fan increases its speed when it is warmer in your grow space, while the light is on. Then when the light goes out or something else lowers the temperature in the space, the fan slows down to maintain the same temperature as before.

By not allowing your plants to be stressed due to uneven temperatures, you increase their growth and harvest.

With a built-in fan control, you get a more stable temperature during the day and night, which makes the plants feel better and grow more compact.
This fan also regulates the fan speed steplessly to maintain an even temperature.

* The fan can handle air with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees.
* The fan is delivered with a mounting bracket.
* Built-in temperature sensor
* The fan has a 1 year warranty!
* All wires are pre-assembled so that you, the customer, can just plug it into your electrical outlet and start using the fan!

Maximum capacity: 280m3/h
Noise level at max power: 36dBA

Supplied pre-wired with a plug.


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