Terra Aquatica Pro Organic KIT 0,5L

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Try the Pro Organic fertilizer program with this Terra Aquatica 3 x 0.5L starter kit that includes Pro Organic Grow fertilizer, Pro Organic Bloom fertilizer, and Bloom Booster flower and fruit stimulant. This organic variety is suitable for growing any plants and its use is compatible with organic cultivation methods.

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The GHE organic variety can be used for vegetables, flowers and fruits growing outdoors and indoors in a greenhouse. These fertilizers are perfectly soluble and compatible with drip irrigation systems.

GHE Pro Organic 3 x 0.5L Starter Kit includes:

BioPonic mix in 10gr bag is a natural mushroom enhancer: Trichoderma Harzianum. The microorganisms that contribute to microbiological life and participate in the build-up cycle.

Pro Organic Grow is formulated to optimize vegetative growth by providing selected nutrients, specifically designed to stimulate the development of foliage and roots. NPK: 3-1-6

Pro Organic bloom actively improves the root zone of the environment by nourishing the microorganisms that live in harmony with your plants. It also provides the nutrients necessary for lush vegetative growth, followed by flowering and generous fruiting. NPK: 2-3-4

It will provide essential nutrients during flowering and fruiting, a balanced diet to get the highest quality flowers and a bountiful harvest.

Pro Organic Bloom is specially designed to optimize the production of flowers, fruits and seeds. This original formulation gives you more products, more nourishing and tastier.

Bloom Booster is a stimulant that will trigger explosive flowering and massive fruiting. Bloom Booster ensures an explosive flowering and fruiting. It will increase the metabolic activity and mineral assimilation of the plant.

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