Terra Aquatica MaxiBloom

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Perfect for those who want a highly concentrated flower nutrition that goes with all plants!

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Terra Aquatica MaxiBloom is a plant nutrient in powder form in the size of 1kg. These are available in 2 parts, MaxiGro and MaxiBloom. MaxiBloom is used when your plants have reached the flowering phase, it is a mineral-based very highly concentrated nutrient that is suitable for all types of plants. You dissolve the powder in water and whatever you grow, you can use MaxiBloom, in soil, water, cocos or other medium for hydrocultivation. This plant nutrient gives your plants maximum aroma and growth even in the softest waters. It’s also buffered with pH, which means it will help keep your pH stable. MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are very popular as it is also very easy to move and store because it is just a powder instead of a heavy can of nutrition.

Instructions for use:
Mix thoroughly with water and add.
Max 2g/L is needed because it is very highly concentrated.
Make sure that Maxi Series powder is stored in a dry, lightproof package after opening to avoid clumping.


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