N95 Nylon Sports Mask

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Do you want protection against inhalation of strong odors or chemicals when spraying your plants? Try this face mask with 5 built-in layers of protection!

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The N95 nylon sports mask face mask is designed with two valves with activated carbon and anti-dust filter.

* It is one size so they fit most people.
* Perfect for those who practice sports or who do not like other face masks.
* Made of a comfortable material that fits comfortably against the skin.
* The N95 Sport Mask is washable and has Velcro for a better fit.

For you as a grower, you can sometimes be exposed to strong smells or chemicals.

You may need to spray your plants with pesticides, for example.

If the product contains strong odors or chemicals, it may help to use a face mask.

Sports breathing mask with KN95 filter with 5pcs layer as protection.

1. The first filter is a plastic layer that blocks the larger particles.
2. The second filter is a carbon filter that absorbs chemical infections in the air.
3. The third filter helps to filter harmful minor substances like 0.30 micro dust.
4. The fourth filter is an improved filtration of 0.03 micron PM2.5 particles.
5. The fifth filter is a nonwoven layer that is soft, easy to breathe in and gentle on the skin.


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