GreenCeption 8 Set Bar 560W

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Product detailed description:
8x 69W LED Greenception GC Bar Single
1x Greenception LED GC Driver 4
2x suspension
8x support
16x screws (at driver)
16x screws (at the rod)
Weight: 18 kg
Dimensions with driver (LxWxH) in mm: 900 x 900 x 180
Field of measurement (single) in mm: 90 x 63 x 27
Power consumption: 548 Watt
Color channels: 3 (all GC bars)
Number of modules: 6 (per bar)
Photon flux density (15 cm): 580 mol/m*s
Photon flux density (20 cm): 520 mol/m*s
Photon flux density (30 cm): 480 mol/m*s
The Greenception GC LED series was developed as a 1:1 replacement for existing sodium lamps. The goal was a comparable or growing return for significantly reduced electricity costs.

The heart of each cluster is our highly efficient full-spectrum COB chip (link yet to follow). The growth cluster has additional blue and white SMD chips from CREE. The flower cluster has additional red SMD chips from Osram. The entire spectrum cluster is complemented by four smaller COB chips.

Due to the nature of the COB chip, a mainly white light is emitted to the human eye. Thanks to this advantage, you can finally see the plants properly without additional components and thus, for example, detect diseases and / or pests also early.

All color channels can be controlled via WiFi:
full spectrum
Flower (in the flower, infrared and ultraviolet are available).

In GC bar, the light spectrum can be adjusted even more individually:

Find the best lichtmix for their favorite crops.
In addition to preset and user-defined operating modes for each cultivation phase, the sun and moon can also be simulated, or the light distribution can be controlled in real time.
Everything from the comfort of your sofa using the Greenception app

WiFi control via GC signal possible.

PPFD expresses how many photons occur on an area of one square meter per second and is measured in micromoles/m2/s (micromoles per square meter per second). This is also the metric that usually appears on a portable PAR meter. PPFD is the most important indicator for plant breeders because it estimates durchnittliche Lichtinsentität on the planting area. measured on an area of 120 cm x 120 cm, at a height of 30 cm.


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