Gold Label Hydrocorn 45L

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Gold Label Hydrocorn 45L is a blend of the best, purest clays baked in an open oven with clean, high-quality fuels.

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Gold Label Hydrocorn 45L is a highly appreciated medium in the world of hydroponic growers. They are lightweight, expanded clay balls that are ideal for use in hydroponic systems. Hydrocorn is an inert, pH-neutral medium that is highly porous, making it an excellent choice for growing plants in a hydroponic system.

Hydrocorn provides excellent drainage and oxygenation, which is essential for your plants’ root growth and nutrient uptake. Its porous structure also allows for better water retention, allowing plants to go longer periods between waterings. Hydrocorn is also reusable and can be easily cleaned and sterilized between crops.

When using Hydrocorn, it is recommended to rinse it thoroughly before use to remove any dust or debris. It is also advisable to add a balanced nutrient solution to the water to ensure proper plant growth. Hydrocorn is an excellent choice for a variety of plants, including vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Overall, the Gold Label Hydrocorn 45L is a very effective medium for hydroponic cultivation. Its porous structure and excellent drainage properties make it an ideal choice for plants grown in hydroponic systems. In addition, its ability to retain water and be easily sterilized makes it a practical choice for growers looking for a reusable medium.

* Gold Label Hydrocorn Leca balls are made from a blend of the best, purest clays baked in an open oven with high quality clean fuels, guaranteed free of heavy metals or other contaminants.

* The Gold Label Hydrocorn 45L proudly carries the RHP quality certificate.

* Ideal for hydro-growing in various hydro systems.

* Lecan is 8-16mm in size and the unique uneven shape of the leca balls is a perfect surface for roots and beneficial bacteria to grow.

* The porous structure has a high water capacity and is suitable for both ebb and flow and dripper systems.

* Volume: 45L


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