Gold Label CocoPerlite 70/30 45L


Gold Label CocoPerlite 70/30 45L is a perfect choice for hydroponic growers looking for a high quality growing medium.

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Gold Label CocoPerlite 70/30 45L is a popular hydroponic growing medium consisting of a mixture of coconut and perlite in a 70/30% ratio. This growing medium is designed to provide a perfect balance between water retention and oxygenation for optimal plant growth.

Coconut, the fiber-rich material extracted from the shell of coconuts, is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource that has become increasingly popular as a growing medium due to its excellent water retention properties, allowing water to pass through easily. Perlite, on the other hand, is a light volcanic rock that provides excellent oxygenation to the plant medium.

The 70/30 blend of coconut and perlite in Gold Label CocoPerlite provides an ideal balance between water retention and aeration, which is important for plant growth. The medium is also pH stable and free of pests, diseases and weeds, making it an excellent choice for hydroponic growing.

Gold Label CocoPerlite 70/30 45L is easy to use and can be used in various hydroponic systems, including dripper systems, ebb and flow systems and deep water systems. It also allows for excellent root growth, which can lead to healthier plants and higher yields.

* This mixture is of the highest quality.
* With the purest coconut on the market.
* The perlite is 3-6mm and allows the medium to remain airy so that the roots get plenty of oxygen.
* CocoPerlite contains essential nutrients that your plants like, such as calcium, and is guaranteed to be low in salts.
and low levels of heavy metals.
* Sold by the liter or in 45L bags or pallets.

You can see a comparison between Gold Label Coco and Gold Label Coco Perlite in the video below:


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