Ghe Water pack ACS

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Ghe Water pack ACS

The Waterpack is an important instrument for AquaFarm and WaterFarm growers.
A number of these modules are connected together with the Waterpack so it delivers nutrient solution automatically to all devices.
The waterpack circulates nutrient solution throughout the system in less than 1/2 hour, and makes it possible to quickly homogenize the solution.
It helps to stabilize the pH and Ec values in all pots at once, and guarantees the roots a constant and optimized environment.
The waterpack is very practical, it has a small air pump that moves the flow throughout the system (inside pots and between them).
You can adapt the Waterpack to any system, you can use systems from other manufacturers, or systems that you build yourself, no matter how many pots you have.
Hoses and connections are also available, if you want to extend your installations.
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