Gavita Master controller EL2

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Gavita Master Controller is the new, intelligent controller that helps you succeed with your farm. Thanks to this controller you can control your Gavita Digistar and Gavita PRO e-series lighting.

– Set the desired temperature and the lights will be dimmed between 50-115% to maintain even and stable temperature. You can also dim them manually between 50-115%.
Problems with cultivation begin in 95% of cases due to excessive heat.

– You can choose to turn the lights on and off with dimmer function just like sunrise and sunset. In this way, you avoid the high air humidity and mold risk that is created after you just turn off a lamp.

– The controller also protects your ballasts from the «voltage peaks» that become when you turn on the lights.

– Two important functions are the autodimming function and the emergency stop function. When the temperature in your cultivation space rises above the control level, the risk is high that your plants will be greatly damaged, to the point that they can no longer be saved.
The temperature sensor will detect when the temperature rises and will then dim your lights to control the heat and stabilize it.

You can via the display and an LED indicator see when this happens / has happened so you can fix the problem.

If for any reason the temperature in your grow space should rise out of control, the system will automatically completely shut itself down and all equipment connected to the system (emergency shutdown).

On the controller there is an alarm contact, this can be connected to an alarm system that immediately notifies you if an emergency stop has occurred.

You can connect all e-series ballasts/luminaires to one controller, you can even connect it to two separate rooms. Each room then has its own temperature sensor for autodimming function and emergency stop.

No «switchboard» needed
No voltage peaks (ballasts are always on stand-by)
Easy installation
Protected against short circuits
Dual temperature sensors
External alarm contact(sms/e-mail/alarm)
Controls up to 80 ballasts, or 2×40 in two rooms
Sunrise/sunset function (0-30 min)
Displays power in % or Watt
Celsius or Farenheit, 24h/AM/PM
CE certified

24 hour timer(on/off): Yes
Set power: 50-115%
Choose ballast: 400/600/75/1000W
Displays power in W or %: Yes
Auto dimmers at set temperature: Yes
Sunrise/sunset function: Yes
Contacts: 2
Ballasts per contact: 40
Total number of ballasts: 80 (either in a room or 2×40)
Temperature sensors: 2 (to two rooms)
Alarm contacts NO/NC: Yes
Warranty: 3 years


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