Garland XL High Dome Propagator Greenhouse


For those who want a large greenhouse at home in good quality for your plants, we recommend Garland XL High Dome Propagator Greenhouse!

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The Garland XL High Dome Propagator is the largest unheated greenhouse from Garland on the market.

* Perfect for rooting seeds and cuttings.
* Also suitable for growing small plants.
* The bottom has no drainage holes.
* Most users choose to fill the unit with smaller medium trays.
* Perfect size to accommodate the medium-inserts «Frog 77» and «Jiffy 60».
* The bottom is designed in recycled sustainable plastic.
* The lid is transparent to ensure your plants get as much sunlight as possible.
* The lid also has two airflow valves that you can turn on or off.
* This is to get oxygen in and control the humidity in your cultivation.
* Size: 58cm long x 40.5cm wide x 22.5cm high.


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