Comboinstruments HTC2 Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

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Keep track of temperature and humidity easily with Comboinstruments HTC2 Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer!

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With Comboinstruments HTC2 Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer you can measure temperature both indoors and outdoors.

You can also measure humidity and see the time and date.

Perfect when you need to keep track of these values in your cultivation.

You simply set the time, date and alarm using three buttons and the rest is displayed automatically.

You can choose between Celsius (ºC) and Fahrenheit (ºF).

It has a mounting hole for hanging on the wall.

It even has a stand so it can be placed easily where you want it.

* Can be used within temperatures: -50°C + 70°C.
* Selection: °C / °F.
* Accuracy: ± 1°C RH ± 5%.
* Battery: 1xAAA.
* LCD screen.
* Easy installation and use.
* Alarm clock and internal sensor.


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