Hel Pall-Gold Label Special Mix 45L

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Hel Pall-Gold Label Special Mix 45L with specially made soil from Holland, it is pre-mixed with thermoculite and perlite and necessary nutrition for the first weeks.

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Full Pallet-Gold Label Special Mix 45L is a full pallet of 65 soil bags with Gold Label Special Mix 45L, for growers who need a lot of soil at a time.

Gold Label Special Mix Soil 45L is a premium soil mix designed for growers who want the best possible results from their plants. This soil mix is carefully formulated with a blend of high-quality ingredients, including peat moss, perlite and coir, to create a well-balanced soil that promotes healthy root development and optimal nutrient uptake.

One of the key benefits of Gold Label Special Mix Soil 45L is its excellent water retention and drainage properties. This ensures that plants have access to the moisture and nutrients they need to thrive, without the risk of overwatering or waterlogged roots. In addition, the soil mixture is free of harmful pathogens and weed seeds, providing a safe and reliable growing medium for your plants.

Custom-made soil from Holland. The soil already has a pH of 5.8 and EC value of 1.2. There is no need to add nutrients to the soil for the first 3-4 weeks, depending on the size of the pot. The soil is pre-mixed with thermoculite and perlite.

Gold Label Special Mix soil 45L is made from high quality Swedish so-called “virgin” white peat. One gram of Special Mix can absorb an impressive ten grams of water.

The peat is cut into a rough structure and mixed with perlite, Swedish clay, lime, minerals and organic nutrients.

How to get the most out of your Special mix:

– The optimal penetration of Special mix is 65% – It is easy to check that you have the right moisture in your soil, take a fist and squeeze the soil and a few drops should drip from the soil when you squeeze it in your fist. Simple!

One glass of water is enough to hydrate a 10-liter pot because of this. Special Mix unique structure.

Special Mix contains enough nutrition for almost a complete crop cycle when you don’t drain water. If you drain at 30%, it contains enough nutrients for the first three to six weeks. However, do not wait until you have completely depleted the soil of nutrients and it starts to show on the plants.

So if you need many bags of soil for your plants, try the Hel Pall-Gold Label Special Mix 45L.

Hel Pall-Gold Label Special Mix:

* Volume: 45L
* Number: 65

Contents Full pallet Gold Label Special Mix in each bag Gold Label Special Mix soil 45L:

* High quality Irish black peat
* High quality Swedish white peat
* Perlite
* Coco
* Clay
* Dolomite lime
* Organic nutrition
* Mineral nutrition with trace elements.

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