Square pot 18L

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There is plenty of room for your plants to flourish in Square Pot 18L with plenty of room for a healthy root system.

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With Square Pot 18L you can easily develop your cultivation work with a generous capacity of 18 liters! Made of the highest quality plastic, this pot is built to last and provide optimal growing conditions for your plants.

It has an elegant square shape that also maximizes the space by allowing you to easily put several pots together. It is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors. There’s plenty of room for your plants to bloom in this 18-gallon pot with plenty of room for a healthy root system. It is certainly a top choice for enthusiastic growers.

Give your plants the space they deserve and invest in this durable and functional square plastic pot!

* Material: Plastic.
* Color: Black.
* Suitable for many different plants.
* Dimensions: 30.5×30.5×30.5cm
* Volume: approx. 18 liters.
* With drainage holes in the bottom.
* Can be washed and reused.
* There are pot eggs available for purchase.


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