Root Riot 100pcs

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Root Riot 100st has perfect water/air ratio for rapid growth of healthy roots.

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Root Riot 100st is made of composted organic materials.

The cubes have a spongy structure and have a perfect water/air ratio for rapid growth of healthy roots.

The cubes contain micronutrients and biologically active ingredients that give young seedlings what they need.

They also help with root development. Root Riot is suitable for all growers, whether you are experienced or a beginner.

* Perfect for both cuttings and seeds.
* Can be used for both soil and hydro.
* Easy to use.
* Fast, powerful rooting.
* Clean and dust-free.
* Reliable results.
* Organic and fully biodegradable.
* This is a 100-pack of cubes.

You can see a comparison between Root Riot and Rockwool in the video below:

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