Prosystem Aqua pH control pump

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Set the pH to the level you want and the Prosystem Aqua pH control pump easily does the work for you!

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Prosystem Aqua pH control pump measures and adjusts the pH of your nutrient solution.

Perfect so that your plants can absorb nutrients optimally.

It is reliable with an automatic pH regulating pump.

Easy to use and has a user-friendly design.

1. Set the pH value you want to achieve in the tank with the control pump.
2. Set the dosing mode with pH or pH+.
3. Set the dosage parameters.
4. The pH probe will then regulate the solution to the pH value you want to achieve.
5. Then maintain the pH steadily so your plants can grow optimally.

Make sure to always calibrate the pH probe for best results and reliability.


* Regulates the peristaltic pump associated with the pH setting.
* Automatic pH control.
* Performance pH range 4-8.
* Sensitivity: 0.1 pH units.
* Switch for 3 positions: boost, on and standby.
* Ability to program pump to dose pH+ or pH-.
* PH probe model SPH-1-L-1.5, 1.5 meter cable.
* Made in the EU.

Watch the video below:

* The warranty for all our PH meters only applies if you use electrode cleaning fluid as well as storage fluid for pH electrode.

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