Oxypot DWC system XL

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With Oxypot DWC systems, you can easily enter the world of hydro-cultivation. It’s an easy way to start, you don’t need much medium to begin with. A little leca balls, for example, are enough. that you put in the net pot so the plant can hang down its roots in the tub underneath. In the tub underneath, add the nutrient solution that your plants need.

In this XL version you can grow 1-3 plants and you can also turn the lid over to bring your plants closer to the nutrient solution when they are in the growing phase. The tub holds 70L and includes 127mm net pots.

You only need to buy an air pump and oxygen stone. We recommend at least 2 oxygen stones and the ACO 9602 air pump for this system. You can even use a larger air pump like the ACO 9610 for even more oxygen. The more oxygen, the stronger the roots.

Pack size: 82.5cm x 52.5cm x 38cm

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