Net pot 5cm, 2″ diameter

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Nettle pot 5cm can be filled with growing medium suitable for hydro, eg. perlite, coconut, leca, rockwool or used without culture medium in systems such as aeroponics.

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Nettle pots are a common choice for hydroponic growers. Nettle pot 5cm and these types of pots are made of a mesh material that allows water and nutrients to flow freely around the roots of the plant, promoting healthy growth. The size 2″ of the Net Pot 5cm is ideal for smaller plants or for use in systems where space is limited.

One of the advantages of mesh pots is their ability to provide excellent aeration to the roots, which can prevent water deterioration and promote oxygen uptake. They are also easy to clean and reusable, making them a cost-effective option for hydroponic growers.

Nettle pots can be used in a variety of hydroponic systems, including deep water systems, nutrient film technology, and drip irrigation systems. They can be filled with culture medium suitable for hydro, e.g. perlite, coconut, leca, rockwool or used without culture medium in systems such as aeroponics.

When using mesh pots, it is important to ensure that the roots of the plant are properly supported and not exposed to light, which can cause algae growth. Overall, nettle pots are a versatile and effective option for hydroponic growers who want to provide their plants with a healthy and supportive growing environment.

* Durable plastic that does not crack easily.
* Fits in GHE 2″ hydro system.
* Pot diameter: 5cm.
* Bottom dimensions: 3.5cm
*NB! Color may vary!

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