Hailea V10 Air Pump

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Hailea V10 Air Pump is an environmentally friendly oxygen pump for your plants in your hydrosystem.

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Hailea V10 Air Pump is an efficient and reliable oxygen pump designed for those who breed with less hydroponic or aquarium systems.

This pump can provide up to 10 liters of air per minute, which is perfect for smaller systems.

It is energy efficient and designed to consume very little power, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

The Hailea V10 Air Pump works very quietly, which is especially good for those who want a quiet environment for your plants.

The pump is designed to have a long shelf life. It is designed from high quality materials that are highly resistant to wear.

It is easy to clean, maintain and, if necessary, easily replace the necessary parts.

Another advantage of the Hailea V10 is the adjustable flow settings. You can customize the amount of oxygen delivered to the system with your plants in.


* Model: V-10
* Power: 10W
* Voltage 110-115 / 220-240V
* Frequency 50/60Hz
* Pressure: 0.02Mpa
* Output 10L/min, 600L/h
* Noise: 35dB
* Weight 1.3 kg
* Size 129 × 122 × 101mm

See examples of how you can use the pump in the video below:

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