Hailea HX4500 Water Pump

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Circulate the nutrient solution in your hydrosystem easily and efficiently with the Hailea HX4500 Water Pump!

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The Hailea HX4500 Water Pump is a circulation pump suitable for automatic irrigation, hydro systems or nutrient solution tanks.

It is made of durable plastic that protects the engine and all components inside.

The pump has a filter to prevent bulky particles from sliding into the pump and blocking the outlet.

It also has a stainless steel magnetic rotor, so it will not be deformed or affected by use.

Easy and convenient installation with 4 rubber suction cups with which you can attach it to the tank.


* 2000L/h flow.
* Fully submersible.
* Centrifugal magnetic motor.
* Power: 36W.
* Voltage: 230V – 50HZ.
* Outlet diameter: 20mm.
* Dimensions: 115x115x160mm.
* Weight: 1.6kg.
* 1 year warranty.
* Fits well with connections and hoses of 19mm inner diameter.

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