Grodan Rockwool Plug washer 44mmx77pcs

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Finally, the Frog Frog Rockwool Plug Washer 44mmx77st is designed with durability in mind.

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The frog Rockwool Plug washer 44mmx77st has some outstanding features. This product is a great choice for any indoor or outdoor growing project, offering a range of benefits that are sure to help your plants flourish.

First and foremost, the Frog Rockwool Plug Tray 44mmx77st provides superior moisture retention, ensuring your plants have access to the water they need to grow strong and healthy. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide variety of plants, including herbs, vegetables and flowering plants.

In addition, the Rockwool material used in these plugs provides excellent insulation, helping to maintain a stable root zone temperature for your plants. This is crucial for healthy plant growth, as temperature fluctuations can stress plants and reduce their productivity.

The Rockwool Frog Plug Tray 44mmx77st is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to easily grow seeds, root cuttings or replant seedlings. And with 150 plugs included in each tray, you’ll have plenty of planting capacity to work with.

Finally, the Frog Frog Rockwool Plug Washer 44mmx77st is designed with durability in mind.

Overall, the Frog Rockwool Plug Tray 44mmx77st is an outstanding product that offers a range of benefits to help your plants flourish. Whether you are a beginner or experienced grower, this product will surely help you achieve amazing results.

* The Rockwool frog is perfect for your seeds and cuttings.
* Can be used as medium for hydrosystems, or transplanted directly into soil or cocos.
* Can also be used throughout the plant cycle.

Since rockwool has a high pH, it is important to soak them in PH-balanced water. It is recommended to put the tray in a bath of water with a pH of 4.0 for 24 hours, then check the pH the next day for and see where it has ended up. For those who are in a little more hurry, it is also possible to stabilize with submerged water for 30 minutes and then check the pH of the water until it stays somewhere around 5.2-5.5, which is recommended to minimize the risk of the plants starting to absorb phosphorus at an early stage.

Cube size:
Width: 35mm
Depth: 35mm
Height: 40mm

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