GreenCeption 16 LED luminaire 512W

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Product detailed description:
LED lights for Greenception Cluster are optimized for the application for plants. Thanks to the square construction, square surfaces are optimized and scattering losses are reduced. In order to be able to work without additional light in plant cultivation, Greenception LEDs are equipped with up to 8 different light colors.

In detail, these are as follows:
380nm (UV-A, minimal amount to control hormone balance – UV-A does NOT have any effect on photosynthesis)
455nm (blue, important for impact on growth form – more blue produces dense plants)
630nm (red, important for photosynthesis – more red results in more biomass)
660nm (dark red, important for photosynthesis and flower development – dark red increases biomass and accelerates flower development)
720nm (Ultra-red, important for flower development – accelerates the germination of flowering)
760nm (Infrared, minimal amount to control hormone balance – does NOT have a direct effect on photosynthesis)
6400k (cold white to cover the base load during growth)
2100k (warm white to cover the basic load during flowering)

The specificity of Greenception LED bulbs is that the mixture proportion is not fixed and can be modified by turning on or off the individual module groups. Plant often needs a different light mixture during the growth phase than during the flowering phase (e.g. to achieve a denser growth). For this reason, 8 bright colors have been merged into 3 different blends into modules. The centerpiece of each module is a high-efficiency full-spectrum COB chip. This has a color temperature of 3000 k, which consists of several simple chips and suits for all plants in all phases.

The COB chip has been developed for a maximum of PAR per watt (photosynthesis active radiation). Finished is the COB of SMD chips of Osram (red, dark red, infrared) and CREE (blue and white). These additional chips transmit the spectrum of COB chips toward blue for dense, strong growth or toward red for large, lush flowers and fruits. They can be adjusted individually.

Module information:
The module groups can be switched individually as follows:
Module I: Growth 2x 64 watts (128 w)
Module II: full spectrum 2×32 watts (64w)
Module III: full spectrum 4x32W (128w) Module IV: Flower: 8x 32 watts (256w)
Module I is optimized for the growth phase. A relatively high amount of blue and white supports dense growth.
Module II is suitable for both the growth and flowering phases. Optimal plant light full spectrum.
Module III is suitable for both the growth and flowering phases. Optimal plant light full spectrum.
Module IV is optimized for flowering. A high portion of red and an additional infrared pressure.

In comparison with many other LED lamps on the market, Greenception uses only chips from well-known manufacturers of the highest quality such as Osram or Cree. This difference in quality is clearly remarkable for the plants.

We recommend the GS 16 for a ground floor of max. 120x120cm

Reasons for Greenception LED versus sodium vapor lamps:
– 40% less energy consumption for the same yield
– less heat
– no danger of burns or explosion;
– healthier plants due to less stress
– denser and stronger plants due to better light spectrum
– less follow-up costs due to longer shelf life
-environmentally friendly

Technical details:
Cluster quantity: 16
Number of levels: 4
Dimensions: 52.5 x 52.5 x 7.5 cm
Power consumption: max. 512 watts (incl. Fan)
Power consumption in detail:
– Full spectrum (2 clusters): 64 watts
– Full spectrum (4 clusters): 128 watts
– Growth spectrum: 64 watts
– Flower spectrum: 256 watts
Photon flux density PAR PPDF approx. 2.200 UMOL / m² SEK. (30 cm)
Photon flux density PAR PPDF approx. 2.700 UMOL / m² SEK. (15 cm)
Equivalent to a 600 watt sodium vapor lamp
Light flow preservation: 80% after service life
Operating temperature: min. -30° to max 45°
Input voltage: AC85-264V
Voltage: 220 – 240V~50/60Hz
Start time, ignition timing: – Radiation angle: 90°
Operating time: 40,000 hours
Operating cycles:> 50,000
Material: coated metal plate, aluminum housing and hard plastic corners
Weight: approx. 11 kg

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