Ghe Panda Dps Hydro

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A little smaller than the Dutch Pot Systems, these Panda Hydro Systems allow you to grow between 8 and 40 plants depending on the size of the plants you grow.

The pots have diameter
30 cm tall
25 cm wide
22 cm deep

In Hydro or Aero versions, Panda Systems is easy to assemble and very user-friendly.

Panda Hydroponic Systems offers unique advantages:

They are stand-alone devices to prevent leakage.
Their rectangular shape (124 x 62 x 53 cm) makes them easy to use in any small area.
The large reservoir (150 liters), for a relatively small amount of plants, guarantees a good water supply and helps regulate the pH level.
They have Panda reservoir which is an advanced product:

Black the inside to protect roots from light
White outside to repel heat and protect the nutrient solution from high temperatures.

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