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AquaFarm is the first hydroponics system for home use, it was created over 25 years ago by Lawrence Brooke, in California.

These systems have many uses, for small plants or indoor crops for mother plants, indoors for decorative or culinary plants of all sizes, or in the kitchen for herbs used for cooking.

The systems can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
The seedlings are placed in a container that is filled with play balls. The cultivation chamber is suspended over a reservoir that is filled with nutrient-enriched water.
With the help of an air pump, the nutrient solution is driven up to the drippers ring where the nutrient solution drips down through the play balls and back to the water tank.

You can have 1-6 seedlings per pot depending on the size of the seedlings.

L = 45.5 cm ? W = 45.5 cm ? H = 43 cm
Optimal capacity = 35 liters

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