Gavita Pro 1700e LED bulb 646W

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An energy-efficient grow lamp from Gavita that helps you reduce your energy costs and gives your plants maximum light. This grow lamp has the same high performance that you as a grower expect. This is something many growers have requested and here comes our result from Gavita.

Product specifications:
Wattage: 646 watts (120V), 629 watts (208-240V), 629 watts (277V)
HPS equivalent: 1000 watts
Spectrum: Full spectrum, white with enhanced red for seed-to-flower growth
PPF (light output): 1700 umol / s
PAR Efficiency: 2.6 umol / J
Temperature surroundings: 68~86°F/20~30°C for optimal function
Operating/Input Voltage: 5.4A (120V), 2.6A (208-240V), 2.3A (277V)
Additional information: ETL certified; Can be connected to a Master controller with the Gavita E-Series Adapter
Product includes: Light fixture [unless selected with option (i.e. cord, controller)]
Recommended for: Crops, greenhouses, home crops (rooms and tents), soil, hydroponic, aeroponic or aquaponic systems, indoor floriculture or garden.
Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years (see product specifications for details)

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