Garland Pot Egg 60x60x12cm

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So if you are looking for a reliable and practical accessory for your cultivation, look no further than Garland Krukunderegg 60x60x12cm.

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Garland Pot Egg 60x60x12cm is a durable and versatile cultivation accessory that has become a favorite among cultivation enthusiasts. This pot layer is perfect for creating a clean and organized growing surface, preventing soil and water spills from damaging your floors or furniture.

The pot bed has a size of 60x60x12cm and offers plenty of space for small and medium-sized plants. The robust and durable construction ensures that the tray lasts for years, making it a wise investment for any grower. The coaster is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a hassle-free solution for your growing needs.

In addition, Garland Pot Egg 60x60x12cm is environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials, making it a great choice for those who are aware of its environmental footprint. Whether you are an experienced in cultivation or a beginner, this pot egg is a must-have for any growing device.

It is the perfect solution for creating a clean and organized planting surface, while protecting your floors and furniture from damage.

* You save space by using one large pot layer instead of several.
* Popular with tent growers worldwide.
* Suitable for Mammoth PRO+, Classic+, Lite+ 60 and PRO+ 120L if you have 2 coasters.
* Also suitable for HomeBox tent 60.
* Size: 60x60x12cm
* Color: Black

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