Easy2Grow 100×8.5L System with 750L tank

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With Easy2Grow 100×8.5L System with 750L tank you can have a large cultivation with many plants that are completely automatically and safely irrigated.

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Easy2Grow 100×8.5L System with 750L tank is a smooth and efficient irrigation system that does not need any electricity or complicated programming to work. It is a very popular irrigation system used by many growers everywhere. The system can save you both time and money, time spent on watering manually and both electricity and water costs can be regulated more easily and reduced with the help of Easy2Grow.

The irrigation is handled via the float valve that fills water in the “bottom” module / barrel using the pressure from the water tank. The plant standing in the module/barrel then drinks with the roots from below as much water and nutrients as they wish. Then it is filled with fresh water when your plants have drunk up without the risk of over-irrigation.

Easy2Grow 100×8.5L System with 750L tank kit contains the following parts:

1 x 750 liter FlexiTank
1 x 16mm click-fit tank adapter and filter
25m x 16mm hose
5 x 16mm Inline Crane
1 x 16mm X connector
25 x 16mm – 9mm X connector
2 x 16mm T-connector
50 x 2Pot(for two pots) barrel and lid
100 x 8.5 liter pot
50 x AQUAvalve5
25m x 9mm hose
100 x Marix disk
100 x Root control disk

You can see below how you can install your irrigation system and your FlexiTank:

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