Comboinstruments C100 Digital pH meter

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Measure your pH value quickly and easily with Comboinstruments C100 Digital pH meter!

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Comboinstruments C100 Digital pH meter is a digital pH meter that measures your pH value quickly and accurately when growing.

It also has stable indication, automatic calibration and temperature compensation, which makes it very reliable.

Comboinstruments C100 has a replaceable electrode.

It can measure a range of -2 to 16.0 pH.

It is easy to use.

When you start, you calibrate the pH meter and after that it calibrates automatically.

Calibrate the pH meter about 1 time per month for accurate results.

When you have finished calibrating it, just start measuring the pH.

In addition to the meter itself, it includes:

* Set of 2 bags with powder-calibration pH 4 and pH 7.


* pH measurement scale: -2 to 16pH.
* Resolution: ± 0.01pH.
* Accuracy: ± 0.01pH.
* EMC DEV of pH: ± 0.02 pH.
* Measuring temperature: -5°C to 60°C.
* Resolution: ± 0.1ºC.
* Accuracy: ± 0.5ºC.
* EMC DEV of Temperature: ± 0.3ºC.
* Automatic temperature compensation: -5ºC to 60ºC.
* Operating temperature: -5°C / +50°C.
* Operating temperature 0 to 80 °C.
* Battery life approx. 300h.
* Size: 15.2 x 2.9 x 1.6cm.

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