CO2 Boost Replacement Bucket

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Want to boost your photosynthesis and get more out of your plants?
Try CO2 Boost!

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The CO2 Boost Replacement Bucket is a replacement bucket for the CO2 Boost Co2 generator.

* Doubles the ppm of carbon dioxide found in ordinary air.
* The CO2 Boost Exchange Bucket fits perfectly in grow tents and greenhouses.
* The right amount of carbon dioxide gives more results from your plants.
* Carbon dioxide is essential for photosynthesis during all stages of growth.
* But is most important during fruiting and flowering.
* If you connect an air pump to the generator, you can control when the plants receive carbon dioxide.
* It is best to give Co2 when the plants get light and heat.
* Recommended for use in higher temperatures.
* The generator is activated at 22°C.
* Store at a temperature of about 15°C.
* Lasts up to 3 months.

We recommend connecting the pump together with your plant lights to a timer so that the Co2 generator turns off when the light is off and turns on when the light is on.

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