Co2-Bag carbon dioxide bag XL

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Have your plants started to grow more slowly? Then there may be a lack of carbon dioxide. Add a Co2 bag and the carbon dioxide your plants lack!

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Co2-Bag is a bag that supplies your plants with carbon dioxide.

All seedlings need carbon dioxide to grow.

If a plant for some reason gets too little carbon dioxide, it will grow more slowly.

This is an easy way to increase the carbon dioxide level in your grow room/tent or greenhouse.

* Add a Co2 bag 2-3 weeks after you plant your seeds.
* The Co2 bag only produces carbon dioxide at temperatures higher than 18ºC.
* When the contents of the Bag come into contact with oxygen, the production of Co2 begins.
* It may take a few days for production to start properly.
* Enough for 10m2 for about 1-3 months.
* With good access to carbon dioxide, the plants can withstand higher temperatures.
* About 3-5ºC more than usual with Co2.
* This makes them drink more water and absorb more nutrients.
* Remember to increase the amount of water, nutrients and light in your grow space then.
* This way you can maximize the effect of the Co2-Bag.
* Now the Co2 bag is available in a larger format, a full 30% larger one before!

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