BOYU SE-315 Air Pump

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BOYU SE-315 Air Pump supplies your nutrient tank with oxygen, it has 2 outlets.

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BOYU SE-315 Air Pump is an air pump with which you can add oxygen to your nutrient tank or hydrosystem.

It has 2 outlets and can be used to supply your bubblers with air/oxygen.

Also suitable for DWC hydrosystems, for example, or your aquariums to oxygenate the water.

When your plants get good oxygen, they absorb the nutrients better and thus they grow better.

* Capacity: 210L/h
* Dimensions: 100 x 67 x 78mm
* Power: AC220/110/12V
* Frequency: 50/60Hz
* Power: 3W
* Flow rate: 2 x 3.5L/min
* Pressure: 0.012 MPa

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