Bluelab Pro Controller

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Get full control over pH, temperature and conductivity, add Bluelab PeriPod and you have an automatic nutrient feed system that is pH and temperature optimized!

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Bluelab Pro Controller is a pH and conductivity controller so you can easily automate the pH moment and avoid having to measure and adjust the pH value manually.

This check ensures that you always have the pH value you set in the settings.

It automatically adjusts the pH up and down by raising or lowering the pH.

If you also connect Bluelab PeriPod, it also doses out the nutrients in the right pH value and temperature so that your plants always get the nutrition they need at the right time.

With the Bluelab Pro Controller, you have full control of the container’s pH, conductivity and temperature in one place and you can see everything easily on the display or wirelessly.

It is easy to use and install and you can also connect it to Bluelab Connect to control everything through your computer or mobile phone.

You can also connect other mains-driven pumps using the Bluelab PowerPod.


* Monitor and automate nutrient and pH dosing in reservoirs when paired with Bluelab PeriPod dispensers
* Built-in safety interlocks prevent overdose
* Easy pH calibration with on-screen instructions
* Temperature compensated
* Resume dosing automatically after power failure
* See your reservoir parameters on your mobile phone no matter where you are
* Multi-part nutritional dosing possible with multiple PeriPods and Connect software
* Controls the pH in the direction up (alkali) or down (acid).
* High and low alarms to alert you when parameters are out of range
* The dosing routine allows for effective mixing before the next dose
* Cable lengths of 2 meters for best placement and viewing
* Flexible mounting options for walls, posts and scaffolding
* Easy access to Bluelab Connect software that you can easily download

See how you can use the Bluelab Pro Controller below:

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