Black Hose 25/19mm

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With Black Hose 25/19mm you can efficiently and reliably transport the water to your plants in your hydro or automatic irrigation system.

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Black hose 25/19mm is a black hose that is perfect for use for automatic irrigation or hydro systems.

It fits perfectly with connections and accessories for automatic irrigation / hydro systems that are 19mm.

The black hose is very suitable for irrigation systems and hydro because it does not let sunlight through the hose.

This makes it easier to avoid problems with algae and other problems in the hose.

* Black hose 19mm inner diameter and 25mm outer diameter.
* You can use it for hydro systems and irrigation systems.
* It fits perfectly with our hx4500 pumps and our 19mm accessories.

With the black 25/19mm hose, you can reliably transport the water to your plants in your automatic irrigation system.

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