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AutoPot AquaValve is a simple but very efficient irrigation mechanism, no pumps, electricity or timers needed.

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The AutoPot AquaValve is a simple but very effective irrigation mechanism, but it needs to be taken care of. Keep the AutoPot AquaValve and the barrel where it is placed clean and free of small particles such as soil and it will take care of your irrigation for many years.

AQUAvalve is included with all AutoPot systems. After it is connected to a water tank, it will manage the water flow to your plants through gravitational pressure from a tank or water barrel. No pumps, electricity or timers are needed.

* Once you have it installed and it is connected to the tank, the AQUAvalve will open and fill up the barrel where it is placed with water to a preset level of 20mm.

* As soon as the water level reaches 20mm, the AQUAvalve will close and prevent the barrel from filling further.

* It then remains closed until your plants have drunk all the water from the barrel.

* When the barrel is empty, it will open again and the cycle will repeat.

* As the plants grow, the AQUAvalve will open and close more frequently to meet the needs of the plants.

* At AutoPot they call this technology PCI or “Plant Controlled Irrigation”.

See in the video below how the AutoPot AquaValve works:

See how to mount and care for your AutoPot AquaValve below:

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