Alien Hose Green 16mm

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Overall, Alien hose green 16mm is a perfect tool for those who want to optimize their irrigation system.

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Alien hose green 16mm irrigation hose is an innovative product designed for you who want to optimize your irrigation system. It is made of high quality, the hose is made of durable materials, which ensures a long service life and resistance to weather and wind.

The green irrigation hose has a diameter of 16mm, allowing for a smooth and consistent flow of water to your plants. Its green color helps to blend in with your cultivation and gives a more natural look, making it a great choice for those who value the aesthetics of your cultivation.

Using Alien hose green 16mm has many benefits for growers. Its size and consistent water flow help ensure that your plants get the perfect amount of water for the best possible growth. In addition, its durability and resistance to weather and wind make it an excellent choice for growing both indoors and outdoors.

* Color: Green.
* Hose 16mm utv/13mm internal.
* Sold per running meter.
* Just enter the number of meters you want in the box above and then press ‘Add to cart’.

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