PGS Hydroponics DWC 30 L

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Deep Water Culture is a hydroponic system that is ideal for 1 large or small plant.
Plant growth will be efficient, fast and strong root with superoxidation of the nutrient solution constantly oxygenated by the innovative bubble system PGS hydroponics.

This system has a reservoir of nutrient solution 20-25 liters with a level meter outside to visualize the level of the nutrient solution.
The nutrient solution is circulated via an air pump and the sewing residue, circulating the air all the time. Comes with a net basket of Ø 12.5 cm to fill with leca balls. The air pump connected to the main bubbler ensures constant oxygenation of the nutrient solution. To get performance performance at lower prices, DWC makes others jealous with PGS hydroponics for your crops indoors and efficiently.


Air pump Hailea 80L / h with 1 year warranty
Comes complete with air pump, air hose (2 m) & syresten
Assembly 2 minutes
Easy to use
Impressive root system

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