Here you will find nutritional schedules for plant nutrition

We are often asked what nutrition we recommend. The answer is very simple! If you want an industry that gives the best results and is easy to use, choose Gold Label . Not only that, the industry is also cheaper in the long run than many of the other manufacturers.

You can easily read the Gold Label nutrition chart by following these instructions:

You read the schedule weekly by adding the nutrients stated during the selected weeks of your plant’s life.

Lines one, two and three show you the amount of nutrients to be added during the growth period and the recommended Ph value.

If your plants will have a longer growth period, continue to dose the nutrients at the same rate in the weeks after week three as Gold Label recommends during the last week of the growth phase.

Gold label: Earth

Gold Label: Coco

Gold Label: Hydro

Metrop: Jord

Metrop: Coco / Hydro



Hesi: Earth

Hesi: Hydro

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